Mentally Challenged Man Lynched, Accused Of Operating a Kidnapper’s Den

Mentally Challenged Man Lynched, Accused Of Operating a Kidnapper’s Den


by Tunde Ogunmola

An unsuspecting mentally challenged man was lynched yesterday in Mushin Local Government Area of Lagos State.

According to reports, he had unknowingly run into an angry crowd of people, who had beaten two men before him. It was gathered that before his ordeal, a mentally challenged man was seen talking to himself and making attempts to jump into a canal but was stopped from going overboard  and interrogated.

In the process of interrogation, people started shouting Ajale! Ajale!! meaning Dungeon! Dungeon!!, (he was believed to be operating a kidnapper’s den). In the blink of an eye, the mob proceeded to beat him but was saved by the timely intervention of the police, who rescued him, by taking him away from the violent scene, before he would have been beaten to death.

While the chaotic scene, was yet to subside, another mentally challenged man, dressed as a woman, inadvertently stumbled on the angry mob, without an inclination of what had happened earlier. He was promptly accosted and interrogated, and it was reported that he willingly surrendered and confessed that he was not a woman.

It was later discovered that he is  a sane man, dressed as a woman, complete with artificial breasts. Two ATM cards and two ID cards with his name and photo was also found, after he was searched. At the discovery of his duplicity, he was descended upon by a maddened crowed, who proceeded to beat him blue black and just like the first mentally challenged man, he was rescued by the police. Residents of the area confirmed that the second man arrested was well-known in the area, they said he walks around as mad woman, begging for money.

The scene was still charged with hostility, when a third mentally challenged man, who stumbled on the mob was also lynched. According to eye witness accounts, the third mentally challenged man, inadvertently walked in on the hostile crowd, despite shouts by onlookers to retreat, he makes the fatal error of not heeding these warnings. As he is beaten and set on fire in a matter of minutes.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer confirmed that the suspects they had earlier rescued  were in their custody and he assured us that investigation will commence and all questions will be answered in due time. Witnesses to these incidences,told, that the reason for the suspicion of mentally challenged people in Mushin, is the fact a canal not too far, was perceived to be a den for criminals and their nefarious activities, with ritual killings being chief among these criminal activities.

However upon investigation, nothing that points to ritual killing was found in the canal, with tensions running high, a Nylon making factory right by the canal was however suspected and thugs in their bid to spread mayhem, descended on the factory and began looting it and disturbing the general peace of the neighbourhood.

The police and Lagos State Neigbourhood Safety Corp intervened and restored the peace.This incident happened at Challenge bus stop, Mushin Local government, inward Odo Eran Junction, Canal. This incident have residents in mushin and environs, confused over the matter.

The incidents however leaves some questions unanswered, some of which are:

Why was the first mentally challenged man, adamant about jumping into the canal?

The ID cards found on the second mentally challenged man, what company contact is on it?

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