“My Heart Struck The 1st Time I Met My Husband”-Ex-Ogun Commissioner’s Wife, BIMPE ODUBELA

“My Heart Struck The 1st Time I Met My Husband”-Ex-Ogun Commissioner’s Wife, BIMPE ODUBELA


Chief (Mrs) Olubimpe Abike Odubela is the pretty wife of former Ogun State Education Commissioner, Barrister John Olusegun Odubela who is also a Lagos Lawyer. The wife is currently doing well in her new trade, Fashion Designing. She turned 50 on 27th of April, 2017 and she decided to mark it with her children in London, UK.
She does not look her age. She still carries her youthful look.
Two weeks back, she had the Nigeria birthday party at her NICON Town Estate, Lekki, Lagos home. The party which was an all white affair was held on Friday the 25th of August, 2017 and it had the creme-de-la-creme of the  society in attendance. Two hours to her birthday party she spoke to  ISAAC ABIMBADE about her marriage, carrier and her greatest fear at  50. Enjoy.
How do you feel at 50?
First of all I will say thank you to the Almighty God for giving me that privilege to be 50. I feel great. I have always felt young. I think at 50, God has been very good to me, let me put it that way.
In the morning when you clocked 50, what came to your mind?
That morning I clocked 50, I was like ‘wow’ I’m 50 years old. I was like, the clock is ticking!
I also realized that my life span now diminishes. By the time am 51, if God says I’m to use 100, I will have 49 years to spend. So, that was what came to me that wow, you are 50. Unlike when you are 20 or 21, you still have more years but 50!. Maximum I will spend 100 years, by the time am 51 it has diminished. 52 is going, 53 clock is ticking but we thank God.
So, it created a bit of fear?
Yes! It created a bit of fear. I know the Lord has been good to me.
In the course of your years before you turned 50, how did you see yourself?
In everything I do, I will say its  God. My early 50 years on earth, God has done and performed tremendous things is my life. He (God) has been so good to me. He has shown me mercy. He has showered me with blessings. He has protected my family and I, and He has shown us love. He’s not done with us yet; He’s still with us and His Blessings are still with us and His Mercies endureth forever.
Tell us why and how you  became a Chief?
I got the chieftaincy title from Ikosi Ketu. I really don’t believe in chieftaincy title. I am  a very simple person  and I have never thought I could be a Chief. It was when I saw the invitee that was sent to me. I’m not freaky about it, let me put it that way.
Tell us more about yourself, who is Olubimpe Odubela?
Olubimpe Odubela is Segun Odubela’s wife. Olubimpe Odubela is a woman of success. She is a woman that knows what she wants. Olubimpe Odubela is a God-fearing woman, gentle and simple. Most importantly, when she wants to do something she gets it right. I wouldn’t say goal-getter but I’m somebody that  knows what I want and I go for it.
Tell us about your business/works and what you have done in the course of your life?
I used to work in the Ministry, the then Federal Environmental Protection Agency. I left there for home to take good care of my family. I don’t joke with my husband and I don’t with my children.
I believe that whatever they are is my choice. I left my work and I was home taking good care of my children. I was into one business or the other; I was into selling of cloths; children cloths. I used to have a shop at Tejuosho. I did a lot of things that won’t take too much of my time;  leaving the sales girl at the shop to go and take good care of my family. I did things that I know that are flexible for me. I was going to Korea to buy children cloths and sell. I was later selling lace at Tejuosho market. But I have always wanted to do fashion, making of cloth. That has always been what I wanted to do. At a point while I was doing all those businesses, I now told myself to face my children, when they are old enough I will do my heart desire, which is Fashion designing.
My first born is a graduate of Pharmacology and Physiology at West-Minister, London. When I realised that my children are grown up, I now said this is the proper time for me to do my fashion designing and I started making cloth and I’m still making cloth.
When did you start Fashion Design?
I started Fashion Designing about 3 years ago. You know all along, I have been doing one business and another but because  I didn’t want to do something that would take me out of the way. I started 3 years ago but before then, I have been doing skeletal works, but I started fully 3 years ago.
Where have you hit it big in all the business you have done?
Like I said earlier, whatever I want to do I do it very well. When I was selling children dresses, I was selling it very well. When I was selling lace, I was selling it very well. I just felt that, I was not always around. I travel with my children, only the sales girl that will always be around. I just felt that why do I have to do that kind of business. I still sell lace but on a lower quantity, unlike before that we sell on higher quantity. I think fashion has been the most important to me; it has always been what I wanted to do.
Tell us how you met your husband?
Will I be able to say everything? I wouldn’t. We weren’t introduced. We met and we got talking. Let me just say we met (smiles). We met and immediately, something struck me that I have met my husband. When we met we started talking and its not as if we have been talking we want to marry ourselves. We are just talking generally. We went to the same university. We didn’t even know each other in ‘OSU’ but when we got talking, we got to know that. I have been somebody that, choosing a life partner has always been my priority. I don’t want to make mistake in life. I was always praying to God that, when I see the man you want for me let it click. So, when I saw him something struck me immediately that this is my husband. I got home and I called my mom on phone. I said I met a man today and something was telling me he is my husband. The rest is history.
Tell us a bit about him?
Huh! I don’t know how to describe him. We have had our challenges. He has always been good to me and to the children though. What I love about him is, if I say I want to do something concerning the home, he will allow it. If I say this is what I want he won’t argue about it. He’s a very good man.
If you were to go back and correct one mistake you made in the past, what will it be??
I don’t think I can remember anything I want to correct. I believe everything comes from God and my journey has been destined by God. Everything has been destined by God.
What has been your motivating factor?
Its just God. God has been my motivating factor. I have always believed that nothing is impossible and I have always believed there’s nothing God can’t do.  So, I really don’t believe in impossibility. I have had my low moment but when I think about God and my mission in life, that strengthens me. With God everything is possible.
Where are you from?
I’m from Ikenne, Ogun State.
Tell us a bit about your background?
I went to Corona Primary School, Gbagada. I’m the only girl from my parents. My mom was living in Ikenne, Ogun State. So, when I finished from Corona Primary School, she took me to Mayflower. She didn’t want me to school in Lagos. So, she now took me to Ikenne, where I would be with her. I finished from Mayflower School, I now went to Ogun State University. I read Microbiology.
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