Nigerian Vocalist, Yinka Davies Takes On Nigezie’s Boss Over his Post On Women

Nigerian Vocalist, Yinka Davies Takes On Nigezie’s Boss Over his Post On Women


In Nigeria, its a terrible error for a girl to toast a guy. This notion has however denied some ladies their choice of men.

Sometimes, the courageous ones among them are tagged ‘wild’ while some end up being used and dumped by same men.

In this 21st century, some ladies believed women should be more open with their emotion by asking men out while some still appreciate the old style of playing hard to get.

Meanwhile, This has been generating some reactions on ace broadcaster cum the boss of Nigezie, Orisun TV and Isimbido TV, Femi Aderibigbe a.k.a Kwame’s wall on Facebook when he jokingly asked if it will be nice for ladies to learn how to toast guys for a change. One of the responses that arrested attention was Yinka Davies’s post.

She said “asking a man out is easy, Where his heart is, is another, Loving a mind of a boy, means pampers, Loving the mind of a man and he appreciates you for your audacious nature means heaven”.

Buttressing her point, she also said “Each man is unique in himself, Asking a man out is an art that can’t be displayed unless it’s just about the shagging. Women on the other hand, are the hybrid of one man, we are like ratio 10 to 1 but when one woman stands, she can handle 50 men without a single glitch unless she allows sentiments in”.

Yinka Davies is a Nigerian Vocalist, Dancer, Lyricist and Judge of a reality show, Nigerian Idol. Yinka has been in the Nigerian entertainment industry for 28 years.

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