Lagos Govt Begins ‘Systematic’ Phase Out of ‘Danfo’ Buses From Highways

Lagos Govt Begins ‘Systematic’ Phase Out of ‘Danfo’ Buses From Highways


By: Tunde Ogunmola

The Lagos State Government under the leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode may have begun the proposed phase-out of yellow commercial buses also known as ‘Danfo’ from Lagos roads.

A few months back, Governor Ambode pledged that in conformity with the Mega City status of Lagos, his administration will introduce and take delivery of modern buses to replace the regular Danfo buses plying the Lagos roads.

However, if the latest development in some major motor parks or garages across the State is anything to go by, then the Lagos State Government may have systematically started the phase-out process, as most of these buses drivers have been asked to leave some major motor parks in the state, in a move that is laying credence to Governor Ambode’s stance on their continued existence on the road.

Garages affected by this directive include Ojuelegba, Oshodi, and Ikeja respectively.

Findings made by revealed that the yellow buses have been driven away from Ojuelegba under the bridge which used to be their garage, likewise Ikeja garage, Obalende, and Oshodi.

In Ojuelegba, and Ikeja for instance, Danfo buses now park and pick commuters on the road, while a makeshift park was provided for them in Oshodi.

It would be recalled that Governor Ambode said the introduction of 5000 new commercial buses for Lagos roads would be the first step by his administration to change the existing transportation system predominantly driven by the yellow buses.

The Governor’s previous statement on the claim read thus: “In the last one year, we have decided that we must integrate rail, road, water, and air transportation systems in such a way that the system of connectivity is improved upon and I would like to have a direct partnership on how that can actually be actualized”.

“Right now, we are cleaning out all the yellow buses you see in the State. As we proceed in the next six months and a span of three years, we are introducing 5000 new buses of European standard to actually clean up the city because if you want to grow the economy of Lagos, transportation is key and then it’s a major infrastructure for tourism itself.”

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