Infidelity in Celebrity Marriages: A Lasting Trend?

Infidelity in Celebrity Marriages: A Lasting Trend?

Itohan Ferguson

The internet has been abuzz with Kevin Hart’s confession of infidelity in his second marriage to Eniko Parrish Hart,  it does him no favours that the media remembers that a reason for his first marriage hitting the rocks, is infidelity. While being married to his first wife, Eniko was his mistress, in my opinion, I would think her unbelievably naive to think that a man who cheated WITH her, wouldn’t cheat ON her.

Leaving us wondering, if it is Karma serving Eniko her just desserts, while I may have no sympathy for Eniko, it doesn’t dispute the fact that Kevin had sworn a vow of fidelity to Eniko and flagrantly disregarded it, if the raunchy videos of him having extra-marital sex is any indication.

While we are yet to recover from Kevin’s confession, we have another bombshell dumped on us. Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz acknowledged the birth of his new baby boy, from his mistress Hamisa Mobetto. The galling thing is that his wife Zari is completely blindsided by his revelation and finds out about her husband’s infidelity like everyone else on social media.

What I find rather appalling about this enduring trend, is the fact infidelity is no longer shrouded in discretion and secrecy. Gone are the days when a cheating spouse would be terrified of getting caught, now infidelity is indulged with such blatancy. The hurt partner is expected to accept the pretentious apologies as cold comfort, for the betrayal.

It is my belief that the institution of marriage is losing its sanctity, as it no longer stands apart from every other relationship between a man and woman, because loyalty, obligation and fidelity which should be its bedrock is destroyed. As the sanctity of the marital institution dies, extra-marital affairs become more rampant.

This begs the question, why will an individual get married when they aren’t ready to put down root and settle? when they are still invested in ploughing the field? Isn’t it synonymous to having your cake and eating it too?Being married while enjoying the benefits of singlehood?

This is an appeal that discretion be re-introduced into the marital space, respect your partner well enough to take your sexual recklessness far away from them. Let infidelity be shrouded once more in secrecy and discretion.

In my opinion, if people put much thought into choosing a mate and not approach matrimony as an obligation they must fulfill, when they come of age –  maybe this trend will reduce.

This trend of infidelity in celebrity marriages is not just worrying, it is spilling over into marriages of ordinary people as well, as those who idolize celebrities, are likely to imitate them.

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