Do Nigerians have any Hope for Steady Power Supply?

Do Nigerians have any Hope for Steady Power Supply?

Itohan Ferguson

Just when you would think that we may be taking baby steps in the right direction, we take monumental steps back into under development. In a photo going viral, the Governor of Lagos state Akinwunmi Ambode donated 120 power generating sets to the Lagos state police command as a form of alternative energy supply, for police stations across the state. While we understand his kind gesture, and its motive – which is to make police work easier, we are beset with misgivings.

This gesture by the Governor, screams loudly to Nigerians, that we can abandon all hope for a steady power supply in the near future and invest more in generators.

Nothing leaves us more jaded than the realization that one of the campaign promises by this government which was to tackle the menace of power outages, will not be fulfilled. Where are the plans for sustainable power in the country? what strategy will the government adopt in its bid to tackle power outages? clearly there is none.

If a leader many look up to endorses alternative power supply, we as ordinary people better get in line with this endorsement, it is indeed pessimistic that the cost of living will still be at an all time high, because of an epileptic power situation. As small businesses will keep dying, families will spend more on household expenses because they must generate their own power; consumers may have to buy products at a high price because sellers factor the cost of running a generator in their businesses.

It is sad that this continuing trend of using power generating sets will lead to an increase in the noise and carbon monoxide emissions we will be exposed to in our immediate environment. It will also foster more deaths through carbon monoxide poisoning, as families guard their generators quite zealously by operating them indoors.

It also places owning a generator like a status symbol, if the idea of ‘I pass my neighbour’ being thrown around is any indication. Neither will there be an end to fire situations in homes, because of the presence of generators.

As Nigerians, it is easier just buy a generator than hold on to hope of a steady power supply.

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