Who Killed Tagbo?

Who Killed Tagbo?

Itohan Ferguson

The first time I heard the name Tagbo mentioned, was in a social media rant by Caroline Danjuma against the Nigerian singer Davido, in her diatribe, she accuses Davido of being responsible for the death of Tagbo. Imagine the shock that ripped through Nigerian social media.

What!!!! Davido a murderer?!!!

The Nigerian musician in question has  achieved idol status and a cult following of Nigerians, both home and abroad. The gravity of Caroline Danjuma’s accusation, had me paying really close attention to the matter.

Who was Tagbo and how did he die?

Apparently Tagbo is a close family friend of Caroline and a devoted fan of Davido, who  followed the singer and his crew, practically everywhere. Although Caroline in her rant will lead us to believe that Davido and Tagbo were best friends, hence a reason she was holding the singer accountable for his death.

As expected, Caroline’s accusations garners a back and forth and an unequivocal denial from Davido and his crew, that on the day Tagbo died, he hadn’t been hanging out with the singer. What gives me pause, is the myriad of contradictions littered in Davido’s and Caroline’s version of events, about what happened the night Tagbo died.

From Caroline’s account, Tagbo is Davido’s ‘Bestfriend’, who got betrayed and was left at a hospital to die. Her account of the deceased, has him blameless and not complicit in his own death.

We are led to believe that Davido may have done something quite sinister, which led to Tagbo’s demise. While we are yet to digest these accusations, Davido, in an attempt to defend himself, throws out several videos of the deceased downing large quantities of alcohol, contrary to Caroline’s postulations that Tagbo never drank and he was such a good boy.

The video of him downing large amounts of alcohol, pokes holes in her story. Even worse, the back and forth takes on an ugly turn, as an unidentified twitter user accuses Caroline Danjuma of being in a secret affair with Tagbo while she was still married. These accusations escalate to the point that the paternity of Caroline’s last child is questioned.

Plot twist, Tagbo may be the secret baby daddy of her daughter. It is as clear as day that this mud being slung at Caroline’s reputation originated from Davido’s camp.

This has me wondering, at what happened that fateful night, that black mail and calumny is thrown into the mix. Of course Madam Danjuma is not one to back down, rather than shut down the rumour that she had an affair with Tagbo, she admits it, albeit debunking speculations that he is the father of her daughter and she was involved in an extra-marital affair with him. According to Caroline she and Tagbo got together after the divorce from her estranged husband had been finalized.

Voila! the truth about how Tagbo died, comes out and from Caroline herself, no less, according to her, Tagbo was killed because he had taken on a silly bet which had him downing 30 shots of tequila. It is even more saddening that Tagbo’s death had been senseless after all. He had succumbed to the age old vice of peer pressure, in a bid to gain acceptance.

In my opinion, Tagbo killed himself, as an adult he must have been aware of the dangers of downing large quantities of straight alcohol, too quickly. Ethanol is a chief ingredient in alcohol and when consumed in large quantities and quickly, it becomes poison, leading to massive dehydration and organ failure.

Apparently being accepted in an exclusive crew and winning the bet prize which was an iPhone 8 and 200,000 Naira seemed more important to the deceased than being responsible for himself. While I do not blame Davido for Tagbo’s death, I blame him for the events which led to his death. He had fueled the irresponsible behaviour, when he had put the prize of 200,000 Naira and and iPhone 8, on whoever drank the most.

The fact that as a star of such importance, Davido is incapable of inspiring responsible and decorous behaviour, in those around him is indeed woeful. It is terrible to know that the singer had  unceremoniously dumped the deceased at a hospital when he began to feel distress. He did not stay back to inform the doctors of what may have led to Tagbo’s ill-health. According to the rumours that abound, he had dumped the deceased to continue the night’s revelry. He had not given a hoot about his ordeal, this speaks of a deeply selfish human being, incapable of empathy.

If he had given the hospital more information, perhaps the young man may have been saved. If Tagbo had not taken part in a silly bet, he would not have passed on so senselessly. There are so many questions and even more ‘what ifs’.

This is a cautionary tale for young people all over, why it is a terrible idea to succumb to peer pressure, just to gain acceptance.

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