Girls in ICT: How Skool Media Supports Female Empowerment

Girls in ICT: How Skool Media Supports Female Empowerment

Itohan Ferguson

Skool Media is an ICT based initiative that recognizes, there is more to the Girl Child than just a home maker and cook, while these are admirable qualities, they may be limiting and stifle the true potentials and capabilities of a young girl.

In keeping with the global digital trends in other parts of the world (Poland, Dubai, Russia etc), where women are given equal opportunities like their male counterparts, Skool Media is at the forefront of female empowerment, especially in the digital space in Nigeria. It is also their objective to spread their tentacles across Africa as well.

It is no mean feat, to change the mindset of a people who are so invested in the idea that the girl child would thrive better in subjects like home economics than ICT, however with several projects that have been achieved by Skool Media, hand in hand with their sister company UNITes Cisco Academy, they are digitally empowering young girls.

While many may be derogatory of this organization’s effort, that fans female passion for ICT, by simplistically terming it feminism, Skool Media stands apart and is proud to identify with ideals that champion education for young girls, especially in ICT.

They have surpassed the criticisms that shadow their every step, when they reveal the impressive capabilities of these students, by organizing essay competitions for girls in select project schools, which are pen and paper based, as these competitions promotes participation via the computer.

The limitlessness of girls in ICT was also affirmed, where young girls are seen coupling the Central Processing Units (CPU) of computers, an activity thought to be predominantly male, at the just concluded National ICT Champions Olympics (NICO). Their support of girls in ICT, is in no way an attempt to make it a power struggle between genders, rather it is their aim to create equal opportunities between sexes.

It is not just enough that girls just have these opportunities thrown at them, rather Skool Media is dedicated in its goal, to fan their passion, thereby ensuring its seamless combination with ICT. This is because Skool Media recognises the digital space is broad and girls are encouraged to fit into whatever space they are most passionate about.

This organisation is so dedicated to creating opportunities for girls in ICT, that hand in hand with its sister company UNITes Cisco Academy, an excursion was organised for girls in project schools to Cisco’s head quarters in Victoria Island, Lagos. Giving them an opportunity to interact with other females who have a passion for ICT across board, these young students were encouraged to ask brilliant questions and they were in the presence of women in ICT who have excelled in the field.

These young students are also encouraged to interact with students from other parts of the world, which in turn prepares them for a future in ICT.

This ideal by Skool Media is quite commendable and parents, schools and the larger society should come on board and be a part of it.

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