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Aiye and Eiye Cult Members Surrender to Police in Ikorodu

Aiye and Eiye Cult Members Surrender to Police in Ikorodu

Eniola Awokoya

About 120 cultists have renounced membership of the confraternities they belonged to and surrendered to the Lagos State Police.

The renunciation exercise, which held at the Oba Ranodu’s palace, Imota, Ikorodu, had chiefs alongside representatives from the House of Assembly and local government chairmen in attendance.

The Lagos state Commissioner of Police Edgal Imhohimi, who was present at the occasion said “The boys would be reintegrated into the society after being empowered with various skills,”.

He said, “The importance of this denouncement is not those who are renouncing it. What is significant is that the process has started, where youths indicate interest not only to renounce cultism willingly, but to take up jobs and skills.”

Edgal, however, added that he was expecting a situation where more youths would renounce cultism and surrender their arms, adding that when this happens, there would be less crime and less arms in circulation.The leader of Eiye Cult, Joseph Fasasi lamented the aftermath of killings and wars.

He said, “I am an indigene of this town – Imota. I have realised that cultism does not pay. It doesn’t allow development of my town. So, I decided to make peace with other cult heads.”

He said they no longer wanted war. “We don’t want killings. When we fight, non indigenes run away. They have a place to run to. But, I don’t. My parents are from this land.”

Having visited other towns and seen the level of development, Fasasi said he craves for development of his town. The leader of Aiye cult, Bolaji – known as Spirit shook hands with Fasasi, hugged and partied together with other members of their cults after undergoing spiritual cleansing in the traditional way.

The two cult groups, known as the most dangerous confraternities in Ikorodu, lauded the Lagos Police, the Oba and the Chiefs for initiating reintegration programmes for their empowerment.