How To Stylishly Rock A Three Quater Pant

How To Stylishly Rock A Three Quater Pant

Eniola Awokoya

Titilayo Ilori

A three quarter pant is a simple trouser that begins from the waist and ends below your knee, in between your ankle.

It can be worn for corporate and casual wears depending on the ensembles of your choice.

For a cooperate look, three quarter pants is best worn with a shirt and a blazer and a nice silhouette or a chiffon top.

For casual look, it will look great rocking it with a  polo, a crop top or a tan top with a nice sneakers, it gives you a fancy hot look.

So when next you prepare your hit list for your wardrobe, do remember to add a three quarter pant trouser for that fabulous look.

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