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Mango! A Super Diet For High Blood Pressure

Mango! A Super Diet For High Blood Pressure

Eniola Awokoya

Titilayo Ilori

Whenever you are in need of fruit with a powerhouse of nutrition, don’t reach for other wildly touted super fruits, instead, you should reach for mangoes to supply you with quite a few nutritional benefits.

Mangoes are cheaper than other fruits and have just as much antioxidant health benefits, so you can add more mangoes to your diet. One of the health benefits of mangoes is that they contain a lot of antioxidants that can protect you from cancer, heart diseases and degenerative diseases.

Mangoes contain the antioxidants, vitamins A, E and selenium. These antioxidant vitamins and mineral have been shown in studies to kill cancer cells and tumors and stave off heart diseases and other degenerative diseases. So you can reach for a mango to ward off a range of degenerative diseases.

Also, in terms of weight loss, Mango contains loads of Vitamin B. Vitamin B helps to increase metabolism for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. In metabolizing these products, the body in return has more energy to exercise which leads to increase in fat burning energy. Also vital to weight loss is the production of Adiponectine.

Adiponectine, is a hormone that regulates how the body absorbs glucose. Adiponectine also increases blood flow for better circulation. One small mango has one-fourth of your recommended daily boost of vitamin C, about two thirds of your dose of vitamin A, favorable quantities of vitamin E and fiber.

Mangoes also have vitamin K, phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin C helps to repair the cells of the skin and body as well as boost the immune system, along with vitamins A and E, it’s a good food to eat to strengthen the immune system and ward off germs and illnesses. Vitamin E helps the body use energy and vitamin A helps to keep your eyes functioning properly.

Surprisingly, it has the health benefit of reducing blood pressure, because it contains magnesium and is rich in mineral, potassium; it helps to lower blood pressure. Magnesium along with potassium has been shown to lower blood pressure significantly, so you should add mangoes to your diet against high blood pressure. Another health benefit of mangoes is that mangoes help to treat anemia. It is an excellent source of iron that the body uses to fight against anemia. So to treat anemia or to just increase the blood count in your body, you should eat more mangoes.                                                                                                                

The way that the African mango works for weight loss, is in speeding up the body’s metabolism. Toxins block the body’s ability to absorb the proper nutrients and energy needed to burn fat and increase metabolism.

When this happens, the body is at a stalemate and cannot burn the fat need for weight loss. When African mango extract is ingested, it eliminates a nutrient blocking toxin which allows the body to acquire the energy it needs to burn fat.