Harmful Things That can Cause Male Infertility



Not being able to bear children is a scary proposition for many couples, especially those who are taking all kinds of measures in a bid  to conceive. No man wants to end up infertile, since it can completely change the way he lives his life, but what many men do not know, is that certain lifestyle choices can lead to infertility.

To avoid any case of infertility, it is highly recommended for men to take the steps below, to protect themselves from lifestyle habits that could make it impossible for them to have children in the future.

Watch out for cell phones and laptops. There have been a few studies that have shown that excessive use of laptops or cell phones can cause sperm damage. Laptops, if placed on a man’s lap, get hot over time.

The increase in scrotal temperature, may have a negative effect on a man’s sperm if he keeps a laptop sitting on his lap for extended periods of time. Similarly, cell phone emissions might also cause sperm damage. Keeping a cell phone in a close proximity to a man’s scrotum could potentially cause a decrease in sperm quality, according to a small research study.


Smoking can hinder a man’s fertility level for a couple of reasons. It can lead to a lower sperm count, and is also known to lower many of the key ingredients that sperm need to function. “Smoking isn’t healthy under any circumstance and tobacco smoke contains chemicals that weaken sperm function and deplete the antioxidants, especially vitamin C. Studies have shown a modest decrease in sperm production and altered hormonal levels among smokers compared to nonsmokers.


Alcohol consumption has been linked to the formation of abnormal sperm cells, which not surprisingly are less likely to fertilize an egg; the major bad news is that alcohol has an immediate effect on sperm count. Drinking too much alcohol not only reduces sperm quality by preventing the body’s absorption of zinc, which is found in a healthy sperm, it also plays a significant role in the formation of the sperm cell’s outer layer. Meanwhile, Zinc deficiencies are common in men with low sperm counts.

But it adversely affects sperm quality and amount of sperm males produce. Giving up alcohol completely for three to six months can on its own, be sufficient to restore fertility, especially if you drink heavily and have been doing so for some time.


Recent studies have shown that a man’s ability to produce sperm may have to do with how well he is able to handle stress; researchers determined that men experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety ejaculated less sperm and have lower sperm concentrations.


Certain STDs, such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia can lead to scarring which can make it difficult for sperm to pass through the areas, thereby leading to infertility.


Heat is extremely dangerous for your sperm count, especially when you expose yourself to extreme heat like consistently sitting in a hot tub with a temperature of more than 102 degrees. This can lower your semen volume and if done frequently, it could become a major problem.


Men who are overweight or underweight are more likely to have problems with infertility. Having too much or too little body fat may affect a man’s hormone levels. Weight gain may increase a man’s chance of being infertile by 10 percent.

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