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Reasons You Shouldn’t List Your Relationship on Social Media



It seems like one of the most important parts of your social media profile is your relationship status. After all, it’s one of the first things people seem to ask you about. Most people don’t mind listing it, even with all the drama it sometimes causes. Personally, I say you don’t have to list your relationship status on Facebook if you don’t want to. In fact, there are some very good reasons not to.


Disgruntled exes often stalk their exes on Facebook, they constantly check up on the relationship status especially. They see it as their job to prevent you from dating anyone else, Do you really want to make it easy for your ex to cause problems? While they’ll figure it out sooner or later, skipping your relationship status will give your new relationship time to grow. This makes it much harder for an ex to gain any traction when it comes to breaking up the two of you.


Anyone who has a relationship status of “Single” has probably experienced the barrage of unwanted attention. Facebook isn’t a dating site. However, that one status seems to mean you’re desperate for someone to date. Believe me; people get angry when you turn them down. After all, if you’re single, you should not date everyone who ask you out, but sometimes you’re just happy being single.

I hate it when I see others getting involved in other people’s relationships. This is one of the main reasons not to list your relationship status on social media. It seems like everyone has an opinion and they need to know every detail of your relationship. This usually happens most when you change your relationship status. If you don’t want to deal with all the questions and general busy bodies, just leave your status blank. It’ll be a lot easier that way.


I’m never certain why people post that they’re in a complicated relationship. They then get annoyed when anyone asks questions. If you don’t want to have to explain yourself to hundreds of friends, don’t post the relationship status to start with. You’re already going through rough times with your partner. Broadcasting it to the world isn’t going to make things easier. If you need to talk to someone, only let a few close friends know.


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’re going to have friends who keep pushing you to date their friends or hurry up and get married already. Either way, it gets annoying quickly. People seem to forget you might be happy as you are. Still, I’ve seen quite a few people give in to the peer pressure only to be miserable during their dates or get divorced a few years later because they weren’t ready for marriage. If you’d like to avoid the pressure, don’t post your status.


If you are one of those oddballs who are with a guy that is not on any social media platform, you can proudly list your relationship status and even have pictures of the two of you. The majority of people wouldn’t believe you. Apparently, you can only be with someone who has the same social media account with you. You can still have my status up, I’d recommend skipping it completely and avoiding the inevitable 20 questions as to whether your  partner actually exists.

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