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Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Makeup Kits Clean And Safe From Bacteria.

Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Makeup Kits Clean And Safe From Bacteria.


Titilayo Ilori

Clean your hands for 30 seconds with an antibacterial hand wash before you go to apply any makeup or simply sanitize them to keep germs away. Keep your makeup brushes and equipment neat and clean. Check out how to clean your makeup brushes at home.

* To avoid extra efforts, wash your makeup * brushes immediately after its use or spray brush cleanser for easy cleaning. While you pick a brush for makeup, make sure it is dried properly. Storing brushes in a clean place is as essential as cleaning them, so keep each makeup brush separately by placing them away from dirt and dust.

* Additionally, makeup bags and kits should also be kept clean every time you wash brushes to avoid the transfer of germs and bacterias. In one way or another, you somehow come in contact with client’s or your skin even when you use makeup, keep your nails properly cut and clean.

* Do not use the dirty or used towel to remove makeup or pet your face, only use properly washed tissues and towels. Always Keep cotton balls and a trash bag with you to avoid the mess.

*We should Use reusable makeup sponges or puffs so you can wash them easily before its use and if the sponge is not reusable, do not mix them with your other makeup applications, throw them immediately after use.

* Before you use any makeup product, ensure its expiry date to avoid risks. Since liquid beauty products have a shorter lifespan, check its life and if it is out of it, throw them right away.

* Do not ever double-dip in liquid cosmetics once you apply the brush or postulate on the skin. Take out a guessed amount of product at once so you don’t need to dip the apparatus twice.

* Try not to share your makeup brushes or products with anyone be it your family member or a close friend because you surely don’t want your close one to face skin problems and this is an important makeup hygiene people usually don’t follow.