Reason Some Women Are Still Single

Reason Some Women Are Still Single



Ladies, I know its frustrating to be alone without a man to call your own, but when you think of the drama that comes with it, you’ll rather stay single.

But, the facts remains that every woman needs a man and while you’re searching for the perfect man, here are things you must do correctly, if you don’t want to remain single for life.

Desperation: Don’t be desperate to get yourself a man. Men know when you are desperate. When they know you are desperate, they just take advantage of you and run away.

Judging: Remember not to be judgemental and always find something wrong with everyone around you. Most men stay away from women who are too judgemental.

Ideal Man: You have an ‘ideal’ man you want in a relationship and you are determined to find your ‘ideal’ man. Any man who doesn’t have all the qualities your ‘ideal’ man should have, doesn’t stand a chance dating you.

Drama: You are a drama queen. Dating a woman who is a drama queen can be quite draining emotionally and most men will stay away from you if you are a drama queen.

Self Love: You don’t believe you are attractive enough for any man to want you. People will see you the way you see yourself. If you see yourself as pretty and worthy of a good man, every man will see you that way.

Ex: You still haven’t gotten over your ex and you still desire to be with him. Sweetheart your ex is ex for a reason, let it stay that way.

Appeal: You don’t take good care of yourself. You won’t look appealing to a prospective partner if you always look unkempt. Take good care of yourself by smelling nice, making your hair, wearing good clothes etc.

Sex: You jump into a man’s bed too easily. You won’t find yourself a good man who will treat you right if you give up your cookies too easily. Have some self-respect.

You play too hard to get. While playing hard to get is cool, overdoing it might leave you single. You frustrate a potential partner when you always pretend to be busy and pretend not to care when you really do.

Friends: You are always with your friends and can’t be by yourself. When you are always with company and never alone, you make it difficult for a prospective partner to meet you.

Stereotype: You stereotype all men and believe all men are the same. When you see all men as the same, it will become difficult for you to find an ideal partner. All men can’t be the same, give that man a chance.

Standards: Your standards are just too high. Having standards is important in a relationship but you will deprive yourself of a partner suitable for you when your standards are too high.

Seek a man who will love and respect you not a man who is rich and drives a Benz.

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