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American Family Returns Adopted Girl To Uganda After Learning The Truth.

American Family Returns Adopted Girl To Uganda After Learning The Truth.


Titilayo Ilori

Despite having four children of their own, Jessica and Adam Davis decided that they would always open their home to any child that needed a home.

Wanting to make a difference in the world, the Davis family decided to pursue adoption. While they wouldn’t be able to save every child, they believed that they could help one child have a better life.

American Family Returns Adopted Girl To Uganda After Learning The Truth.

“I’ve always hoped to make a difference in this world. To bring goodness, peace or healing to a world that often seems inundated with loss, hardship and a vast array of obstacles that make life difficult for so many.

When it came to the decision to adopt, i thought this was one way to make a difference, at least for one child. My husband, Adam, and I would open our home and our hearts to a child in need, Jessica shared with CNN.

After pursuing adoption in 2013, the Davis couple was informed by their adoption agency, European Adoption Consultants, Inc.,  that they would be welcoming 5 year-old Namata from Uganda in their home.

However, they soon learned that they were not told the truth and the adoption agency they used reportedly lied to them.

Family Happy With Adopted Child Until She Learns English & Confesses Horrific Truth: The road to adopting a child is not easy.

After completing mounds of paperwork and getting through the legalities of adopting a child, the Davis family was excited that they would finally welcome a child in their home,  5 year-old Namata from Uganda.

In speaking with CNN, Jessica and Adam Davis were told that the child that they were adopting was from an abusive home. The adoption agency reportedly informed the Davis family that Namata’s father was deceased and that her mother was neglecting her.

Additionally, the adoption agency shared that they would be getting a child that had not attended school and lacked the basic necessities of life.

Feeling heartbroken about her alleged life, their hearts cried out for her and they wanted to save Namata from such a horrible upbringing! When Namata moved into the Davis home, as her English improved, she began to tell her adopted family about her life in Uganda.

Interestingly enough, how Namata depicted her in Uganda was very different from what the adoption agency told the Davis Family. Initially, Jessica Davis struggled to understand what Namata was telling her.

In her mind, she believed that she and her husband did everything to ensure that their adoption process was ethical. However, Namata was making her think differently. The child we had struggled for years to adopt was not an orphan at all, and almost everything that was written in her paperwork and told to us about her background was not an accurate description of her life in Uganda, Jessica stated.

After Namata revealed the truth to her adopted family, Jessica and Adam were outraged. It appears that Namata’s mother had not relinquished her parental rights.

According to CNN, Namata’s mother believed that the Davis family was planning to provide Namata’s mother with an education while they took care of Namata. In Uganda, an education is a central pathway to empowerment and opportunity.

Namata’s real mother believed that her daughter was being sponsored by the Davis family for a year or two, where she would receive an excellent education before returning home.Once there was a verbal confirmation from Namata’s mother that they would adopt Namata, those on the ground in Uganda forged paperwork and placed Mata in an orphanage.

Namata’s mother had no idea that she would never see her daughter again. Sadly, what happened to Namata is not unique. Many children are adopted internationally believing that the children are orphans when they are not.

While ethically, Jessica didn’t agree with the way that she acquired Namata, according to the U.S., it was up to the Davis family whether they returned Namata to Uganda or not.

American Family Returns Adopted Girl To Uganda After Learning The Truth.

The Davis family could legally keep Namata, but they refused as they didn’t view Namata as property. The couple had the adoption paperwork reversed, and Namata was happily reunited with her mother

Naturally,the Davis family was unhappy to see Namata leave but they were overjoyed that she would be reunited with her family again. Despite the fact that Namata is in Uganda, she still updates the Davis family about her progress.

I get updates on our once-adopted child, Namata, often with pictures and sometimes video. When I first see them, I tend to get teary-eyed because of how much I miss her. I would love to wrap my arms around her, but then I remind myself of all that she almost lost by being adopted, said Jessica.

Thanks to the Davis family uncovering the truth, other adoptions that were just as underhanded as Namata’s were uncovered and the European Adoption Consultants, Inc. agency was shut down for good.

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