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24 Year-old Woman Risks Jail Term For Sleeping With Primary School Pupil

24 Year-old Woman Risks Jail Term For Sleeping With Primary School Pupil

Eniola Awokoya

A 24-year-old Kisumu woman, has been found guilty, of having an intimate affair with a 14-year-old Standard Seven pupil, and is set to know how many years she will serve in jail.

Principal Magistrate, Joan Wambilyanga, who was supposed to sentence Judith Wandera on Wednesday, May 9, said she was not yet ready with her verdict and set the sentencing date for Wednesday, May 23.

According to reports by the Daily Nation and Standard newspapers, Judith was found guilty of having an illicit relationship with a Standard Seven drop-out, whom they were living together as husband and wife for about four months.

She told the court she had been swept off her feet by the minor, when they met at a bar, thinking she had finally found the man from whose rib she was created from.

In her defence, Judith narrated she had no clue the boy who was chewing her goodies for four months, was a child hiding his age under his dreadlocks which made him look like a fully grown man.

She  said he told her, that he was a successful boda boda operator, who had achieved a lot after being kicked out of home by his parents, who accused him of being a bunch of lazy bones.

His story moved her so much, such that she agreed to move in with him and started life as husband and wife, not knowing her ‘husband’ was just but a teenager.

The boy’s parents reported the matter to authorities and police broke their union in July 2016. “The boy was rescued on July 7, 2017 and the accused was arrested by police officers,” said Nyakundi Mukaya, the prosecutor.

According to his parents, he dropped out of school after meeting Judith.

She denied, saying there was no way she would have known he was a minor as he was dread-locked and operating a boda boda.

The woman said she only came to realise he was a little boy after he shaved the dreadlocks.