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Do’s and Don’ts while Meeting Your Partners’ Parents For The First Time 

Do’s and Don’ts while Meeting Your Partners’ Parents For The First Time 


Ilori Titilayo

Have you ever been in the nerve wracking situation of meeting your partner’s parent for the first time?

Afraid of what impression you will make? Well all you need to do is follow my instructions and trust me you will be just fine.

Do your research

Perhaps, one of the most essential things you and your partner need to do before meeting his/her parents for the first time is to have “The Talk”.

In this conversation, you want to get as much information as you can about his or her parent.

Research as much as you can beforehand.

For ladies

If he describes his home as strict, you may consider things such as being lady like,making only pleasant conversations and following all rules and customs that family may have.

If he describes his family as very or overly religious, check the following long before you hit the door, excessive piercings, suggestive language, revealing or tight Clothing and if you’ve got tattoos try to hide it.

Your looks matter

Cleanliness, grooming and presentation count when meeting the parents. With that being said, it doesn’t mean you need to be a model to wow the parent.

But you need to take more time than normal dressing to impress and try not to over dress or look sloppy.

Stay away from mini skirts and anything that shows off your cleavages or under wear, bra straps and see through should be avoided. Oh and please try not to put too much makeup.

For men

Consider how you will be compared to past boyfriends. Ask your girlfriend how her parents have responded to any other guys in her life in the past. What did or didn’t they like about them? By asking this questions you can learn a lot about what not to do.

For the guys, try and be conservative than normal while still being your self, dress and style yourself in a manner that suites the general tone of her family

You may also discover the unfortunate 

Circumstances are, that there may have been one guy who they thought was just perfect for their daughter, and you will be getting judged by that standard from the second you walk through the door, so don’t feel bad, its normal.

Don’t go empty handed

Meeting parents without a gift is a no no. No matter what the situation is, when meeting  the parents for the first time, don’t go empty handed. If someone tells you that gift aren’t required ignore them.

Arrive on time

Don’t pull up with your stereo blasting heavy metal. They will disapprove in a heartbeat,unless they like it themselves, turn the volume down.

Politeness counts too

It doesn’t matter who you interact with when meeting the parents,what does matter is how you treat your partners’ parents  and other family members, as well as their personal property

This means pitching in when asked or offering to help when the dishes need to be done also saying please and thank you. Avoiding slangs or casual terms Like Yup, also treating annoying members or pet with kindness.

Treat your girl well,.be extra attentive to your partner Pull back her chair for her, pour her a drink, open doors for her and all that jazz which are all good practices outside the parental meeting, or else she may feel disgruntled that such consideration is only executed in front of her parents.

Avoid tenuous topics

Many people instinctively know that there are certain topics to avoid when meeting the parents, but  because it isn’t immediately obvious to everyone, this tips needs to be stated blatantly: avoid all taboo topics this includes anything in the news that could be debated politics, sex,.religion and even sports.

The only exception to this rule is if you are already absolutely positive that you and the parents agree on the subject and even then, don’t share more than is necessary.

Be yourself

Don’t forget this parents are older and wiser than you are, try as much as possible to be yourself, see it as an opportunity to show your best face,where first impressions are crucial. Show who you are,stand tall,breathe, smile and enjoy yourself.

Don’t look back

I know one is always tempted to look back just to catch them making eye contact but don’t, once you exit the door it is imperative not to look back.

When you reach your car, be certain to unlock her door first and open it for her, once you get in don’t pull out until both of you have your seat belts on, otherwise you will notice her father’s face twist and distort behind the screen door.