Hey guys! Are You Taking Care of Your Package?

Hey guys! Are You Taking Care of Your Package?


Ilori Titilayo

Most men believe its only the women that need to take care of their vagina, if youare in that school of thought, then you wrong.

The penis  is easily a man’s most guarded and revered  accessory. As such, the penis commands a level of care and respect.

We’re familiar with the importance of wearing condoms in certain situations, but proper penis healthcare certainly doesn’t end there.

Let’s review some tips on proper care that will keep you and your ‘package’ rising happily each morning.

Regular maintenance and grooming

For many men, genital grooming is a simple part of their penis healthcare routine, while for others, it may be nothing more than part time annoyance.

Keeping genitals hairless does have its benefits, but there are still definite pitfalls to both shaving and waxing that might not be immediately apparent.

Hey guys! Are You Taking Care of Your Package?

If the place is hairless, It will be inviting and sexually stimulating and this can increase sensitivity during sex, facilitate skin examination and make your penis look bigger


Can cause irritation and  spread existing infection, even the act of shaving can be incorporated into foreplay.

You should know, however, that both shaving and waxing can cause irritation or folliculitis and can spread viral infections  such as genital herpes or molloscum contagiosum.

Even nasty bacterial infections, such as methicillin  resistant staphylococcus aureus, have been linked to the use of razor. Its bad to share and it contradicts good penis healthcare.

Use a mild shaving cream or soap followed by a mild moisturizing aftershave lotion or warm salt water. Avoid chemical removal techniques and electric razor.


Your penis is a sensitive organ, a point that should be kept in mind but for some odd reason, many men feel the need to vigorously scrub their units with  powerful soaps or disinfectants to keep clean.

Guys, simply washing with warm water and if necessary a mild soap or non soap cleanser is more than satisfactory.

Self examination

Particularly when sexually active, men should regularly perform genital self examination at least once a month, to identify testicular cancer or any sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that present themselves visibly.

Also after taking a bath or shower, examine each testicle individually with both hands, hold the testicles between your thumbs and fingers and rill it gently.

Be on the alert for any hard lumps or nodules (smooth rounded masses) or any change in the size, shape or consistency  of your testes.

Red flag

There are many red flags for STIs. Be vigorous in your self examinations to know that certain STIs, such as chlamydia, can be completely asymptomatic, meaning that you may show absolutely no identifiable signs or symptoms of infection .

in such cases, its important that you keep an open channel of communication with your partners.

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