How To Prepare Nigeria Home Made Shawama

How To Prepare Nigeria Home Made Shawama


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This tasty snack has become a popular and wanted street meal. It is a bread with beef/chicken and vegetable fillings..

Years back, I used to get mine at the eatery and also wondered how I could remake this tasty snack at home, with basic spices readily available in most kitchens, including the shawama bread and the tasty meat filling.

The Nigerian home made ones, obviously will taste either better or less enticing than the ones made in cafe’s and street stands and it is made in the Nigerian style.

What Is Needed

Pitta or Flour Tortilla bread wraps


Carrot and Cucumber(optional)

Chicken breast/ soft chicken

Dry pepper/ black pepper



Salt curry and knorr cubes



Vegetable oil

Soy sauce (optional)

How To Prepare It

Wash and cut the vegetable(s) into strips and set aside.

Strip the chicken/beef if not bought stripped. It is advised you use chicken breasts, soft chicken so that it will be easier to debone and faster to stir fry or boneless chicken/beef.

Marinate with soy sauce, curry, dry/black pepper, salt, knorr cubes, onions and garlic. You could do this 24hours before frying or given the number of hours you have, so that the juice can suck in.

In a pan, heat up a table spoon of vegetable oil. Add the marinated chicken/beef and stir fry until juicy, brown and properly cooked. This should take about 7-10 minutes on low heat.

Add your stripped vegetables and allow to fry for 90 seconds.

You may wish to add extra ingredients at this point or leave it like that.

Mix the mayonnaise and ketchup in a separate bowl (ketch-mayo).

Place the shawarma bread, preferably flour tortilla wraps on a clean surface (plate or board) and spread a reasonable amount of the ketch-mayo until it touches every side. Then pour portions of your stir fried mixture and sprinkle some pepper on it (optional).

After this is done, fold the bread, tuck in the edges and roll to form a shawarma wrap. You can use a toothpick to hold it together.

Warm it up a bit on a grilling pan for about 3 minutes. If you have a sandwich maker or microwave feel free to use them too.

And your homemade Nigerian Chicken/beef shawarma is ready.

Note: there are several breads used for making shawama which includes, pita bread , naan bread , flour tortilla wraps and lots more. Just make use of anyone you have.

It also tastes great in sliced bread and our local agege bread.

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