Importance of Food-in Life And Health


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Food is the third most important thing for living beings to live after air and water. This shows the importance of food to life.

Food in general consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins which are useful for living body to sustain health. This food is in the form of grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, oils etc.

Importance of food in life

1. for energy: Food is very vital for energy. Body functions due to energy supplied from food. Food acts as fuel to generate energy in the mitochondria. Glucose from food interacts with oxygen we breath to form energy, Carbon dioxide and water molecules.

2. for body shape and form: Food gives shape and form to the body. Food contains proteins which provide amino acids on digestion. These amino acids in the body act to build body cells and other tissues to maintain shape and function.

3. For body building. To those who go for gym and other strenuous exercise for body building, need protein. So gym instructors advice those practicing to consume high diet containing foods. For this protein rich foods like pulses, milk, egg and meat are recommended to help build enough muscles.

4. as a medicine. Food is also a type of medicine. In many case food is needed for cure. For instance when one is feeling sick, if he eats sufficient food, his immunity boosts up and he feels relieved from cough, cold like symptoms to a recognizable extent. Even in most diseases or infections, patients become weak and weak as they have stopped or reluctant to have food.

Nutrition deficiency diseases. These are sort of diseases where in lack of food or excess food causes disorder. In acidity, one of the best techniques to overcome acidity is to have a small quantity of food at frequent short intervals.

5. For drugs to act: Drugs act well when taken with sufficient food. Food gives strength to the body to accommodate a drug safely and also metabolize it after its action in the body.
Without food drugs fail to overcome some diseases like tuberculosis, sunstroke, gastric ulcers, skin diseases, muscle pains etc.

Many oil soluble drugs get absorbed well in the presence of fatty food etc.
Lack of sufficient diet along with administration of drugs leads to many problems like drug accumulation, development of resistance to drug by microbes etc. This is because food is an enzyme inducer i.e. it helps generate sufficient enzymes in liver to metabolize the toxic drugs. Thus on metabolism drugs become more water soluble and get excreted from urine.

6. To overcome stress. Many people under stress neglect food, but interestingly, the same food can relieve stress. So if you find someone having stress, ask him to consume food sufficiently and you will see that he feels a bit relieved from stress.

7. To overcome disease or disorder. Food is an important parameter in diseases like wound healing, bone fractures, inflammation, colds. During a wound, bone fracture or inflammation, consuming sufficient diet helps to over come the pain and inconvenience during the healing process.

8. Food also helps emotionally, in sad times, EAT. When you are angry, EAT. Depressed? EAT. JUST EAT, but eat healthy

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