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Adekunle Ojora and wife, Erelu Ojuolape

Adekunle Ojora And Wife, Erelu Ojuolape Step Out

Adebare Akinwale

Matriach of high society, Erelu Ojuolape Ojora and her hubby, Prince Adekunle Ojora was also one the special guests that honored Adeojo at his birthday celebration recently.

The prominent couple stole the show as they stepped out in style at the party arena.

Ojuolape who is always in the company with her husband, dressed to the nine to the party and her fashion statement pieces, which she usually complements with traditional attire, matching shoes and bags came in an array of designs.

Her elegant sense of fashion and style have been a fixture of the Lagos party circle for a long time and no party is complete without her matronly presence.

She and her husband have loomed large on the social scene for ages and yet show no sign of slowing down.