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5 Places You Need To Visit In Edo State

Damilola Olajiga

benin city

Edo state is located in the southern part of Nigeria, it is bounded by Kogi state and Anambra state. It is an ancient state so there are a lot of attractions you need to see.

Edo state population is approximately 8 million people and it is made up of 4 ethnic groups. The state has the high presence of residents of people across the country and the world because of its cosmopolitan tendencies.

Here are 5 important places you need to see if you are paying a visit to Edo-State

Okomu Park

1. Okomu National Park

The park is located in Ovia south local government, it is formerly known as okomu wildlife sanctuary and a rainforest ecosystem that is the habitat for many endangered species of flora and fauna. Okomu is a home of forest elephants, buffaloes, red river hogs, chimpanzees, leopards, bush baby, putty-nosed guenon, porcupine, pangolins, duikers, antelopes etc. The white-throated monkey which is one of the rarest monkeys in the world today is found in the park as well. Butterflies and birds are abundant making it one of the best places for bird watching in Nigeria.

Benin Museum

2. National Museum Benin

The national museum was built in August 10 n1973 and it is a very safe location where you need to educate yourself about the ancient Benin kingdom and the terracotta sculptures. It is situated in the city center on King’s square. You will see some cultural artifacts, historical pieces and even crafts that are as old as one thousand years.

Ososo Tourist

3. Ososo Tourist Center

This tourist center was built in 1930s, it is a relaxation spot for fun lovers. It is known for rocky hills, lush greens, high mountains for enthusiasts, the ososo also offers the panoramic view of River-Niger.

Joker Lounge

4. Joker Club

Joker club and lounge is located off sapele road, the bar features activities of day and night with good music and varieties to drink. There’s an astonishing water fountain, disco night and exquisite rooms.

Benin Moat

5. Benin Moat

The Benin Moat was built in 1280-1295 to serve as a protection against invaders and cultural edifice for Benin people. It is traditionally called Iya and it one of the largest man-made earthwork. It is a historical monument for Benin people, most people who visit are historians, curators, and archeologists.

Which of the places above would you like to visit?

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