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edo state
edo state

10 Fun Facts About Edo State

Damilola Olajiga

10 Fun Facts About Edo State
edo state

Edo state is the heartbeat of the nation, it is an ancient state filled with rich culture. It was created in 1991 from Bendel state and it is a home to several ethnicities.

Here are 10 facts about Edo state that you might not know

  1. Edo state is known for special delicacies such as Banga soup and starch, corn soup and groundnut soup.

2. The two major religion practiced in Edo state are Christianity and Islam.

3. Interesting tourist centers such as the Okomu national park, national museum, waterfalls, and Ososo tourism are found in the state.

4. The mode of transportation in Edo state is either by road or by air.

5. The market of Benin city in Edo state is the best place you can get notable and special items both from present and past.

6. There are a lot of hotels in Edo state which will make your stay worthwhile.

7. Benin city is known for royalty and it is located at the heart of the city.

8. The Benin and moat wall found in Edo state are the largest manmade and are astonishing beyond words.

9. One of the main themes in a traditional Edo wedding is the infusion of the coral beads, the new bride is adorned with Ivie (coral beads) and a traditionally beaded headpiece.

10. The power, influence, and authority of the ancestors are never ridiculed, questioned or challenged by the Benis in secret or in public. To traditional Benin, it is considered a sacrilege to go contrary to this deeply held belief.