Edo State
Edo State

EDO State: Taking the Bull by the Horn; Tackling the Education Crisis without Victims.

Damilola Olajiga

It is no secret that the educational sector in Nigeria is in crisis. When measuring development indices, there is little to show that the educational sector will get the needed revamping it needs across every facet.

This has made Nigeria a prime importer of education especially at the tertiary level with the secondary level on its tail which brings us to the question of why isn’t successive governments investing in education?

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When Godwin Obaseki succeeded Comrade Adams Oshiomole as Governor, he continued on the marker laid down by his predecessor, tackling problems and reforming from where his predecessor left off. The Governor who is worker rather than a talker started with Basic Education in the state. This he did by taking on the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), which before now was flawed by corrupt practices. Like Hercules, the Governor took on cleaning the Aegean stables. The state is on its way to recapturing the glory days of the 80s. The renaissance in the education sector of Edo State is visible to all eyes. READ >> http://happeningsmedia.com.ng/edolites/

Aside restructuring of existing structures in the state, the State Government has turned out innovative ideas. A typical example is EDOSTAR ( Edo Supporting Teachers to Achieve Results) initiative which is a component of EdoBEST (Edo Basic Education Sector Transformation) initiative. These are just ways of training teachers and introducing best practices in service deliveries for teachers to increase their edge in classroom management techniques.

EdoBEST is about reimaging education and taking the state to the forefront of education in the country by training teachers and making them be the best they can be in their chosen field. The State has even moved to stop vandalism in its institutions by banning social gatherings where miscreants have a way of destroying school properties. The state has always valued education, and this consolidation by the present day government is just a sign that Edo State is heading for its rightful place in the hierarchy of states with the best and most innovative educational system.

Even the libraries are not left out of the positive change sweeping the education sector in Edo State. The state is rebranding the libraries to bring them in tune with modern-day best practices- storing books both manually and electronically. While the concept of the e-Library isn’t new, Edo State is cutting through the bluster and clutter to actually implement it. Every facet of Edo State education system is getting a facelift and the government is geared towards putting Edo state at the forefront of progressive in the country and by extension in Africa.

Edo State has always had high enrollment numbers, and a high literacy rate compared to most states in the federation. Now, we have a government which recognizes this potential and is willing to tap into it to move the State forward. By creating sustaining policies that would outlive this dispensation and a leave a lasting legacy that will resound over future generations. The beauty in all this is that it is going on with it in a way without causing so much upheaval and unnecessary agitation in the system.

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Article Written By Douglas Akhibi

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