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How To Make Delicious Home Made Soy Milk Drink

How To Make Delicious Home Made Soy Milk Drink

Eniola Awokoya

Titilayo Ilori

The following is one of the simple ways to make a very delicious and nutritious sot milk drink for the entire  family.



Soak 3 cups of dried soybeans over night or for at least eight hours

Step 2

Drain and carefully rinse soybeans,then pour them through your blender

Step 3

Pour water into a large stainless steel pot. Add the mashed soy beans into water and stir for few minutes

Step 4

Pour the mashed soy and water through the blender again,blend for five minute and pour the soy milk into another large pot

Step 5 

Pour the soy milk through a cheese cloth to extract the juice from the shaft

Final step

Cook soy milk

This is an important step: The cooking time is important, as raw soy beans contain a factor known as a tripsin inhibitor. Essentially, this means that the protein contained in the beans cannot be properly assimilated by the body unless the beans are well cooked.

Soy milk should be cooked for at least 25 minutes from the first boiling time. Another challenge is the soy milk may stick to the bottom of the pot. A wooden spatula is very handy for stirring the soy milk.

Put the pot of soy milk on the cooking stove. Use high heat, stir the soy milk clockwise every 25-30 seconds to make sure there is no soy milk stuck at the bottom and if it is stuck, use the wooden spatula to remove it.

When it boils, adjust the heat to medium, keeping it at a boiling level. At this time, you only need to stir the soy milk once in a while. The soy milk may also rise very quickly. If it does, take the pot off the stove for about 30 seconds and put it back afterwards. It May rise about 3-4 times

Use a timer to set the time for about 25 Minutes then turn off the heat. Soy milk is now ready to drink (add sugar or honey if you like)

Note: The yellow soy beans seems to yield more milk than the white ones