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Etiquette: Habits You Should Avoid In Public

Etiquette: Habits You Should Avoid In Public

Eniola Awokoya

Titilayo Ilori

Being conscious of our habits, when we are in the midst of people on public occasions, puts us in a situation where we are expected to be at our best irrespective of the inconvenience.

Men can try to cope with these habits in terms of hiding them, but some women don’t have them in their vocabulary.

There are various etiquettes expected of people but not all of them are  adhered to, rather people consciously and unconsciously opt to put up nasty habits and these could annoy onlooking people.

Here are some of the wrong habits put up by people,and solutions are provided to help you curb them.

Nail biting

This is the commonest habit put up by people of all ages, indoors or outdoors. Nail biting is caused by different situations like


When a person is less busy or not busy at all and the best way to pass time is to chew the nails in an annoying manner.

Being Deep In Thought

You know that moment when you pondering about something quite important and you  don’t want to look suspicious, you might feel that nail biting is the best option, but seriously it’s not the best

Hanging Moment

When  you have to eat and there is nothing eatable around and you feel your finger is the best source of carbohydrates, seriously you are enjoying a high level of germs instead.

Nose Picking

Is a very interesting activity that people do which is wrong. This is when you have to clean your nose and you decide to pick out dirt with your fingers rather than use an handkerchief.

Adjusting Underwear

This habit mostly found among women. probably your bra hand falls or is visible and you just put your hand in there to adjust in public, that’s not right.

In cases  like this, its advisable to use the toilet and just act like nothing is wrong.

Scratching Your Hair

Most women are fund of publicizing that their hair is due for changing, the hair might have been on the head for a long time(artificial hair) and may require you to take it off or the hair might be dirty.

If for any reason you have to scratch your hair in public, it will be no crime to excuse yourself and use the restroom for a nice time scratching the wits out of your hair.

Shouting On The Phone

Its a sign of illiteracy and bad manners. This habit is most daring by men. I see no reason why you should be answering a phone call in public and screaming so loud into it.

If you see your caller ID and it happens to be someone who might get you angry and make you talk louder than you should,it advisable you avoid picking the call or if you want to,you can go to a secluded place where there is nobody.

Playing loud songs from your phone: young people enjoy doing this especially when they’ve got to show off their new phone to God knows who.

When you’re in the midst of people, it is better you don’t play the music to disturb others who definitely do not need your music.