8 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive And Flourishing

8 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Alive And Flourishing

Eniola Awokoya

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Starting a relationship doesn’t engage much stress at all but when your knee deep into it,you then understand that you must take chances so as to get things right.

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, but staying in love isn’t. Once you know the tips to make sure your relationship stays fresh,you’re good to go.

Sense of humour: Maintaining a good sense of humor is a sure way to keep a relationship going. Relationship is meant to be enjoyed and not endured. Life is too short to be spent with an over serious person.

Involve appreciation: Never take the kind gesture of your partner for granted. Every one deserves to be appreciated, by doing this they will feel happy to help again. Most times, a simple thank you will go a long way to change a person’s perspective of who you are.

Focus on what you like about your partner: This is a sure way to have a successful relationship  of any kind,it’s important that you focus on your partner’s good side, focusing on the negative will frustrate you and can get both fed up and someone might decide to call it quits.

Show affection: Never stop showing little gestures of affection, love and care to you partner. This could be little hugs and kisses and even smiling at him/her

Giving: Be prepared to give more than you can get,love is sometimes about giving more than you get.

You should be more interested in adding value to your partner’s life than getting anything for yourself, if you both have this attitude, then you’ll definitely be happy.

Apologies: Saying sorry is a sure way to make a relationship work. Sometimes just to ensure serenity and decorum,you’ll just have to say sorry even when you’re not at fault.

Count your blessing: Always be grateful for your own unique love. Never compare your date/ partner with another person or relationship, funny enough it could  be better or could even be worse.

Don’t keep grudges: Keeping grudges is the fastest recipe to kill any relationship. No matter the costs, settling all arguments, disagreement and misunderstanding will go a long way.

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