Celebrating Children’s Day: I Wish I Could Be Nine Again

Celebrating Children’s Day: I Wish I Could Be Nine Again

Titilayo Olurin

I caught sight of its black snout first, peering from behind one of the tires of my dad’s parked old Datsun car. Next, I saw what looked like a paw just behind the tire, stepping out hesitantly. Curious and holding my breath, I walked towards and around the car to see the cutest brown puppy I ever laid eyes on. It took some steps back as I approached, then stopped and looked straight at me with those cute black eyes that melted my heart.

Screaming excitedly, I scooped it up in my arms. My twin sister was right behind me, screaming excitedly too, ready to snatch the puppy from me. We were excited nine year olds screaming our lungs out. Our screams almost drowned out my daddy’s laughter. He was just as excited as we were, maybe even a little more. After days of careful planning, he finally made his surprise known to us and he was happy we loved it.

We – my sister and I – had always wanted a dog and had often asked him for one. So when we returned home from school tired and hungry, we were surprised to see the puppy. Our excitement was immeasurable and it was certainly the most memorable moment from my childhood.

There were many more moments like this, though, when my dad would surprise us with things that made us excited and thankful for being blessed with him. It was more about the gesture than the gifts – although the gifts were awesome too. My mum also bought us special gifts out of the blue for winning a prize at school, acing an exam, helping around the house, or for just being well behaved. But this particular moment, I would always remember to be my favourite. Being nine was fun and if I had to be nine all over again, I would and wouldn’t change a thing.

Happy Children’s Day, everyone! Hope you have childhood memories as exciting as mine.

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