What are your favorite childhood memories?

What are your favorite childhood memories?

Itohan Ferguson

Today is the 27th of May, a day reserved to recognize children in Nigeria, a global recognition of children’s day is different for various country. To celebrate the Nigerian recognition of children,  Happenings Media goes into the streets to interview adults of varying age brackets and ask them of their most distinct childhood memories.

Osas 40, businessman, said: a distinctive childhood memory is having to wait back in school when everyone was gone because I was always the last to go home and the first to arrive in school. I would walk through the empty school grounds, shouting words and listening to my echo.

Gerard 28, IT professional, said: a childhood memory I remember and smile about is drinking all of my mom’s evaporated  milk stored in the fridge and feigning sleep or ignorance when she asks. Of course you can never deceive a Nigerian mother.

Carol 35, home maker, said: I remember playing with sand as a child, baking cakes and making rice with my sand, of course I had my doll strapped on my back. I enjoyed those mommy and daddy games back then.

What are your favorite childhood memories?

Mark 32, hotel owner, said: I never forgot how I had to tip toe late at night, to steal my mom’s meat or have an illegal snack from the fridge. After committing the theft, the difficult part was trying to remember how my mother left the ladle, because placing wrongly and I would have been found out.

Samantha 27, banker, said: I remember storing my left over tea in the freezer before school, it was the first thing I had when I got home from school, my very own home made ice cream.

Ugo, 35, entrepreneur, said: most of my childhood memories was about me surviving boarding house as a junior, I was indeed a mischievous boy.

Bianca 39, caterer,said: I grew up in a low class family and we stayed in these kinds of bungalows where neighbour’s faced each other. My favorite childhood memory was getting back from school and playing jump ropes and ‘suwe’ with the Neighbourhood children.

Ebehi, 29, entrepreneur, said: a childhood memory I cherish is playing in the rain, I would sing so loud and dance while it rained naked. I had no worries.

Paul, 55, transporter, said: a memory that comes to mind is trying to stay awake during morning devotion and having my mom slap me awake intermittently…

What are your favorite childhood memories?
What are your favorite childhood memories?

Yomi, 53, businessman, said: I grew up in a large family, I remember feeding time, having to compete with my 10 other siblings around a tray of hot food. I learned to swallow hot food, without flinching.

Bayo, 43, school teacher, said: I enjoyed the show tales by moonlight and Story time on TV then , I also constantly tormented my grandma about telling me stories. I loved takes of the tortoise and his antics.

Audu, 30, chef, said: a childhood memory that comes to mind is waiting impatiently for the ice cream man to pass, while holding my money tightly.

Wunmi, 34, boutique owner, said: I enjoyed playing dress up in my mom’s clothes, shoes and make up.

Hauwa, 40, home maker and shop owner, said: I looked forward to breaking open my piggy bank, last month of the year. I wanted to know how much I had saved through the months from tips from relatives.

What are your favorite childhood memories?

We at happenings wish every child, a happy children’s day.

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