Flood Ravages Lagos Mainland

Flood Ravages Lagos Mainland

Willy Bantu

Okay, about two weekends ago it rained every animal possible (not just cats and dogs) resulting in some areas on the island being so flooded some folks couldn’t step out of their houses while others abandoned their cars and bikes for kayaks.

The “island flood” buzzed all over social media and filled the airwaves, everyone was talking and tweeting about it. Some mainland folks were happy as their counterparts were seeing “what we pass through sometimes”, while the islanders tagged their counterparts as “haters”, “beefers”, “enemies” etc

Fast forward two weeks later, it rains again (though not as heavy as the previous one) but this time around some areas on the MAINLAND are badly flooded and no one is talking about it, and this got me thinking!

Are the mainlanders so used to such scenarios that makes this not worthy of mention? Or the islanders decided to play the “maturity” card and not make jest of their counterparts in return or revenge?

One instagram user (Naturalnigerian) shared a picture on her page her sister sent of an area in Surulere, but some reports are saying the place in the photo is actually somewhere in Munshin.

Whichever it is, the government, stakeholders, and every well-meaning Nigerian have to put all hands on deck to ensure this menace is curbed, before we wake one day and discover Lagos is now an underwater city.

The least you [an individual] can do is dispose your refuse properly, and don’t block drainages.

See pictures below:

Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Idi-araba
Somewhere on the mainland
Happenings Media