Proper ways Of Using Cutleries


Ilori Titilayo

Just in case you don’t know, a knife should be held firmly in your right hand, with the handle tucked into your palm, your thumb down one side of the handle and your index finger along the top but never touching the top of the blade.

It should never be eaten off or held like a pencil.

When used with a knife or spoon, the fork should be held in the left hand, in much the same way as the knife, with the prongs facing downwards.
On its own, it is held in the right hand, with the prongs resting on the fingers and secured with the thumb and index finger.

A spoon is held in the right hand, resting on the fingers and secured with the thumb and index finger. Food should be eaten off the side of the spoon, it should never be used at a right angle to the mouth.

Cutlery should be rested on the plate/bowl between bites
and placed together in the bottom centre when you are finished.

Never gesture with cutlery and don’t scrape or clatter it noisily against your plate or bowl.

Equally, it is bad manners to loudly clank your utensils against your teeth.

The range of a cutlery arsenal will depend on the formality of the occasion, but the layout should always be the same.

Fork to the left, knives and spoon to the right. Work from the outside inward, course by course pudding implements sit above the place setting.

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