Handling Excessive Underarm Sweat


Ilori Titilayo

Sweating is a natural way of releasing excess water stored in the body.

However, when it becomes too much than you can bear, then you might need another close check on yourself.

Here are few tips to adopt, so as to curb excessive underarm patches caused by wetness and then you can regain your confidence.

Wear an antiperspirant

The daily use of antiperspirant is advised to curb excessive underarm sweat and to control embarrassing odour.

These is a difference between antiperspirants and deodorants. Deodorants help to cover up odour while antiperspirant contain ingredients designed to stop excessive perspiration.

Adjust your routine

Health professionals have ascertained that the underarm is quite delicate even if its a power house of sweat production.

Avoid applying antiperspirants in the heat of the day because it leads to irritation when they are washed away by sweat.

Instead a good massage of the antiperspirant onto dry, cool underarm right before you go to bed is healthier.

Change your diet

Certain foods like beverages, causes perspiration or unpleasant body odour.
When you start your day with a cup of coffee or tea, the heat created by the beverages will raise your internal temperature and will make you produce sweat.

Reduce anxiety

Job interviews, date and public speaking are some situations that result in anxiety.
They cause sweat glands in the underarm to go into overdrive.

When you’re anxious, you perspire and you become dry mouthed and your heart pants. This is a fair response when your body has triggered and you will be physically ready to respond to an uncertain dangerous situation.

Adjust your wardrobe.

Your choice of clothing can either give you comfort or make you sweat. Naturally, fabrics like cotton wool, silk or linens often have a loose weave than synthetics, which is a breathable fabric that allows air pass through your skin.

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