Things You Should Never Go To Bed With

Things You Should Never Go To Bed With


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Before going to bed, they are things you need to double check to be sure you’re not doing.  Most times people do not take heed to medical precautions concerning their health, and so they endanger their health unknowingly.

Medical practitioners have explained to us how we can save ourselves from lots of disasters. They are things we don’t really take seriously, but the gravity of its effects is heavier than the simple precautions suggested. Read on

* No matter how tired you are, try as much as possible not to sleep with your bra.

Research shows that those who wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of being affected by breast cancer, in other to prevent the havoc do not sleep with it.

* Don’t sleep with makeup, women are prone to have skin problems in the long run when they sleep with makeup.

This is so because sleeping with it will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing.

* Never sleep with your phone, keeping your cell phones beside your bed or anywhere close to you is very wrong even if we choose to use it as an alarm. It is advisable that we keep it far from us.

Scientists have proven that electrical items like cell phones and television sets emit magnetic waves when used and those waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. so if your phone must be close to you then you must switch it off.

* Don’t sleep with your wristwatch, wrist watches also emit a certain level of radioactivity don’t be deceived by the size.

No matter how small it may be, if you wear it to bed for a long time it might have an adverse effect on your health

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