What Men Admire In Women

What Men Admire In Women


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Women have special qualities that men admire and love to share with other men and smile about. All men have secret cravings and desires they want so much but have not got nerves to tell their women due to one reason or the other.

Here are some secrets men want so much, these top secrets were gotten from some men on what the crave for at times.

1.  An independent woman:  most men in a relationship complains when they have a nagging and demanding woman, who always want a heaven on earth.

It would burn a guy out completely, but when your man knows you are independent the respect is always there.

2. They believe in love:  When it comes to showing your man some love, it goes beyond buying him material things. Treat your man like your child, show some affection, always welcome him with a kiss they love it.

3.  An outspoken woman:  men always want you to share what’s going on in your mind. We usually think they already have much on their mind and that we don’t want to bother or be a burden.

Speaking out does a lot good than harm, but keeping it to yourself is not good for a relationship.

4. Men crave for chocolate:  this may sound absurd and stupid because they hardly talk about it. Yes, here is the big reveal try to buy him one to be sure he likes it. Don’t ask him, just buy it

5. Jokes: nothing is sweeter and a better icebreaker than a great joke even if it bombs heinously, he will still love it.

6. Men Crave for romance:  let’s face the truth now, some of the men’s favorite moment are times when ladies book a dinner at a restaurant near the beach with candles. Men don’t just brag about such romantic, but they really like it.

7.  That special gift: all guys want this gift, the little boy inside of every man that always loveS video game related.

The game gift may not be so large or sophisticated, giving this gift is so thoughtful.

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