Steps To Raising Smarter And Intelligent Kids

Steps To Raising Smarter And Intelligent Kids


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A smart kid is one who is bold and exhibits a higher level of intelligence. Having a child or children who are smart and intelligent is a pride to the parent.

For a child to be intelligent, it means the parent would have sacrificed a lot. Smartness is not an inborn character but the result of the approaches of the parents towards the children.

Read the common practices to help your kid grow smart.

1. The number one key for a child to grow smarter is by proper breastfeeding, breast milk is an essential element for the proportional growth of the brain.

2. Another key point is communication, communicating with your kids is a training for them to be able to bound and mingle with people outside.

Appreciate when they respond in the right way while talking to you, this will infuse great confidence into them and also eliminate the possibilities of becoming an introvert

3. Proper food habits and healthy body keeps them smart. Teach your kids lifestyle at an early age

Let them sleep at designated hours and participate in household activities.

4. The education of your kid, shouldn’t be limited to academic classes only, extracurricular activities are essential for the kids to be smarter and efficient.

5. Interactive learning with your child raises the IQ of the child, the interactive aspect is key.

6. Train their brains to digest harder information and knowledge through mind games

Teach them mind games like Sodoku, chess etc such games will make them think and help the child to grow intelligently and smart.

7.  The support and encouragement of parent is the unmatched boosting element for them. Don’t let your child feel that he/ she is alone

Include them in all the activities and give ears to their complaints and suggestions, however silly.

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