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Baked Moi-Moi: Learn How to Make it in Simple Steps

Learn how to make the baked Moi-Moi in these easy steps

Titilayo Ilori

Beans is rich in protein, vitamins, and can be used to cook different types of food, including Moimoi, Ewa Aganyin, bean and corn (adalu) etc. Beans can be used to eat yam, plantain, bread, and rice etc.

Moi-moi is an African food mostly consumed by the Yorubas. It is made with beans and other ingredients.

Another way to prepare moi-moi is to bake it. Although it might seem different from what you know, it is worth trying.




Beans, pepper, spring onions, green pepper, seasoning cube, salt, water, vegetable oil, ginger and garlic, fish/egg.

Things needed:

1. One large bowl

2. 2 small bowls

3. Sieve ( muslin)

4. Baking tray

5. Cake sheet ( baking sheet)

6. Wooden turning stick

7. Knife

8. Oven

9. Lighter

10. Chopping board

11. Skewer or toothpick


1. Peel your beans in a large bowl

After peeling the beans, make sure it's white and devoid of skin.

Rinse thoroughly and add your red pepper and onions. Next, blend together and set aside.

2. Chop your pepper on a chopping board

Get a chopping board ready. Chop your green pepper, spring onions, and any other vegetable.

3. Mix your vegetables

Pour your ground beans in a small bowl and add a little oil. Add your seasoning and chopped vegetables and mix till it's fluffy .

4. Get your oven ready

Set your oven to 350 degrees. This is to pre-heat the oven.

5. Place your mixture in the oven

Grease your tray with butter, then place your baking sheet above the tray. Pour your mixture into the tray and spread it. Sprinkle your green peas, pepper, carrot, egg, fish etc on the mixture in the baking tray, then put it inside your oven for about 45 minutes.

6. Check to see if your baked moi-moi is ready

After 45 minutes, check the moi-moi by dipping a skewer in it. When it comes out smooth and freely, this means it is ready, but when the skewer is sticky it means it is not ready. Put your tray back inside the oven for another 5 minutes.

7. Roll your baked moi-moi

Use the baking sheet to roll the baked moi-moi and place it on a plate with your wooden spoon. Use your knife to create any design you want. Your mo-moi is ready.

You can eat the baked moi-moi with, rice, pap, custard, bread or alone.

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