Learn How To Cook Oha Soup In Easy Steps
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Learn How To Cook Oha Soup In Easy Steps

Cooking Oha soup is fun and easy. Learn the steps here!

Titilayo Ilori

Oha soup is a traditional dish mostly eaten by the Igbos. The method of cooking this soup is similar to that of cooking Bitterleaf soup. It is one of the most special delicacies there are in Nigeria because of the Oha leaves used to prepare it.

Ingredients needed to prepare Oha soup include:

1. Vegetables.

2. Oha leaves.

3. Cocoyam.

4. Palm oil.

6. Assorted beef.

7. Shaki (cow tripe).

8. Dry fish, stock fish, crayfish.

9. Chili pepper.

10. Seasoning cube (s).

Method of cooking:

1. Grind your crayfish and pepper

Make sure you grind your crayfish and pepper.

2. Wash your cocoyam

Wash the body of the cocoyam to get rid of sand, and boil it till it is soft. When it is cooked, peel the skin and pound using a mortar and pestle till it is smooth.

3. Cut your Oha leaves

After you have separated each leaf from its stick, use your hand to cut it into pieces. If you cut your leaves with a knife, it will make the soup dark in colour

4. Boil your stock

Boil your meat, shaki, cow tripe, stock fish and dry fish. Make sure they are all soft before moving on to the next step.

5. Add Maggi, pepper and ground crayfish

Add maggi cubes, pepper and ground crayfish to the boiling stock and let it cook for 10 minutes.

6. Add your cocoyam paste

Add your cocoyam paste to your mixture and add palm oil. Cover the pot and let it cook for about 15 minutes. Once the cocoyam paste is dissolved and you notice the soup is too thick, pour some water.

7. Add your Oha leaves

Your next step is to add your Oha leaves and leave to cook for another five minutes.

8. Add some salt to taste

Remember to add some salt to taste at this point and leave your pot of soup to cook for another five minutes. You can eat Oha soup with Eba, Fufu, Semolina, and Amala.

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