Why Sholaye Jeremy Is Yet To Respond To Linda Ikeji’s Accusation

Why Sholaye Jeremy Is Yet To Respond To Linda Ikeji’s Accusation


Days ago, billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji, accepted her Baby Mama Fate. However, in a lengthy diatribe published on her blog, she painted her baby daddy in a rather unflattering light.

She practically blamed him for her predicament and insinuated that he was a f**kboy.  The blogger went on to say he promised her marriage and absconded.

Undoubtedly, Linda played the victim to the hilt.

However, a source close to Sholaye Jeremy, revealed to Happenings that the Lagos Big Boy may not respond to Linda’s accusation because he would not go as low as she did.

Also, recall that the blogger insinuated that Sholaye Jeremy was not on the financial class she was. Although the source revealed that it was a lie and the itsekiri-born is a billionaire in his own right.

He is close friends with prestigious men such as the Minister of Petroleum, Ibe Kachiukwu, Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote.

The source went on to reveal that because of his association with those in the higher echelons of society, it is important he stays away from public eye.

Linda Ikeji’s status as a public figure was a major bone of contention between the lovebirds in the past.

Consequently, her inability to stay discreet about their association is a reason Sholaye has kept his distance even after the birth of his son, Jayce Jeremi.

Calls from Nigerians for Sholaye to defend himself against Linda Ikeji’s f**kboy accusations have gone unanswered. Chances are, we will likely not hear a peep from the man who hates being in the public eye.

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