Woeful Christmas Tales (Voxpop)

Woeful Christmas Tales (Voxpop)

Itohan Ferguson

Christmas should be a time of merriment and celebration, however, that was not the case with some Nigerians. As theirs was a woeful celebration.

Happenings was on the street, talking to those who had a woeful Christmas. To protect the identity of those who spoke to us, we will change their names:

Segun, 29

Christmas this year was terrible for me, I lost my job 2 weeks ago unexpectedly. I am currently unemployed, there is nothing to be happy about this Christmas. This is my worst Christmas ever.

Sandra 25,

I had big plans for Christmas for me and my boyfriend, I bought presents and cooked a meal. However, his phone has been switched off since 25th morning. I spent Christmas alone and everything I cooked wasted. I am yet to hear from him till now. My heart is breaking.

Eric 32,

I saw the video of the husband fighting his cheating wife’s lover at Burna Boy’s concert. The same thing happened to me, my girl said she was going to the village for Christmas, to spend time with her family. I was shocked when I saw her at the same concert with another man. She tried to hide her face but I made sure she knew I saw her. She has been calling and sending me messages. We were together for two years and traditional marriage plans are underway.

Martin 25,

I lost my woman to them ‘I Just Got Back’ American boys. She started acting up since the 20th and broke up with me before Xmas. I am waiting for her in the New Year when they dump her.

Jennifer 20,

I was duped before Christmas, so it was rough for me and my mum. I participated in all the giveaway of Instagram and won nothing.

Kemi 35,

I am a married woman with four children, my husband abandoned us at home and travelled without telling me. I don’t know where he is and I don’t know what to tell my kids when they ask about daddy.

Obi 27,

Christmas was terrible for me, I lost my mother. She died after being sick for a long time. My siblings and I are now orphans. There was nothing to celebrate this year.

Hauwa 22,

My family lost everything in Abule Egba fire, Christmas this year is the worst ever.

Mr Tolani 40,

My wife gave all of our savings to our pastor without my permission. She said she was sowing a seed, now we are left with nothing for Christmas and the New Year will be rough.

Teni 22, 

I was sexually assaulted and robbed at Burna Boy Live, on boxing day. I am yet to recover from the trauma.

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