The Mompha-Hushpuppi Money Battle Rages On

The Mompha-Hushpuppi Money Battle Rages On

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Social media big boys and ex-friends, Mompha and Hushpuppi, are in another money battle.

The socialists flaunted their newly acquired cars, which they got for the Valentine celebrations, on Instagram.

Hushpuppi was first to unveil the Bentley Bentayga he bought with an Instagram photo of himself standing beside the new car.

He captioned it: "Bought me a new Bentley Bentayga for Valentines. The best way to celebrate the season of love."

Hours after the Malaysian based, rumoured Fendi Ambassador showed off his newest addition, Mompha went ahead to purchase a brand new Bentley Bentayga.

"Just Copped Bentley Bentayga Brand New 💰💰💰 Wow Bobo New School Ride 🙏🏿 No one can outshine the money Man!!! Let the Race Begin," the self-acclaimed Air Lord wrote.

Recall that both men have been in battle since 2017 when Mompha and Classicbaggie shaded Hushpuppi on Instagram after a private disagreement.

Hushpuppi, at first, resisted the temptation to engage in social media wars with his 'close friend' but threw caution to the wind when the attacks kept coming from the other camp.

Both men fought dirty on cyberspace and even dragged their families into the mess, with Mompha revealing that Hushpuppi's father was a taxidriver and his mum a bread seller.

He also revealed that he lent Hush some cash, which he failed to refund.

We do not know how long this lavish spending battle would continue, but from all indications, it doesn't seem like it would end soon.

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