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“I need a Ghanaian man,” Yvonne Nelson Resolves Never to Marry a Nigerian

Yvonne Nelson remains unshakeable in her resolve never to marry a Nigerian

Titilayo Ilori

Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, has been in the news for some time now for one reason or the other. The screen diva recently disclosed that she can never marry a Nigerian. Her reason for this is not hard to guess, as everyone knows of her failed relationship with Nigerian musician, Iyanya.

The relationship, which barely lasted eight months, crashed for reasons relating to infidelity on Iyanya’s part. The musician rose to fame after winning the first season of project fame.


Yvonne had accused the popular musician of flirting with other notable actresses and of never using her pictures on his social media pages.

Iyanya, on the other hand, complained of how the actress never gave him breathing space, making it difficult to focus on his career and other personal things.

Still, the relationship between the two public figures was great while it lasted, with the Kukere master going as far as tattooing the actress’ initials on his wrist. He once said in an interview that it was difficult to let her go. He explained that in spite of his love for her, he had to leave the relationship because he needed to make money.

Iyanya and Yvonne have since moved on, each doing things to further their different careers. Yvonne, who has been seen in more movies lately, revealed in an interview with Asempa Fm why she cannot act nude, even for $5million.

“I need a Ghanaian man,” Yvonne Nelson Resolves Never to Marry a Nigerian

She said, “Oh no, I won’t. I can never do such a thing because I have a daughter who is looking up to me. The money is tempting but I can't do it, not even for the money"

The mother of one who was in a secret relationship with her daughter’s father, Jamie Roberts, welcomed her baby girl in 2017. But things went sour between the two lovebirds a few months before the birth of their daughter, Ryn.

Yvonne, who recently disclosed on social media that she is in need of a man in her life, shared how surprised she was by people’s reactions in an interview. She insisted that no one reached out to her because they thought she was joking.

"You mean my post? People didn't take me seriously when I posted it on social media. I need a Ghanaian man,” she revealed.

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