Lady Calls For The End Of Jungle Justice After Her Stepsister Became A Victim

Lady Calls For The End Of Jungle Justice After Her Stepsister Became A Victim

Stepsister to the victim of jungle justice calls on the authorities to get justice for her

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

An Instagram user, Omolola Martins, has called for jungle justice to end in communities after her stepsister, Anuoluwa Martins, was killed by a mob that accused her of using a fetish charm to take a man's penis.

Omolola claims her stepsister who had mental issues was only stranded in Ilesha and had to beg the man who accused her of taking his manhood.

He raised an alarm and Anuoluwa was subsequently questioned, beaten before they set her ablaze.

She shared the video along with a caption explaining Anu's condition before the incident.

"This jungle justice thing has to stop, cos they keep killing innocent people. In d video above is my stepsister, Anuoluwa Martins. She's been mentally unstable since 2011 and she has been in and out of d hospital.

"She's based in Ile Ife but she goes to Ilesha often cos her mom and sister stay there. She was at Ilesha last week Sunday to see her sister, she was stranded in Ilesha, so she had to beg for money, d man who gave her d money accused her of taking his penis and raised alarm, a crowd gathered and started questioning her, they beat her to a stupor and later set her ablaze.

"If u listen carefully to her, u'l find out she's not mentally stable. They killed my sister for nothing... Pls people of Nigeria, I need justice for poor Anuolawa. Am in serious shock at d moment, d heart of men is wicked."

24 hours after sharing the video, Omolala has shared another post on her timeline showing what Anuoluwa looked like before and after her mental issues.

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