Best Way To Deal With A Cheating Partner - Liberian Woman Explains

Best Way To Deal With A Cheating Partner - Liberian Woman Explains

You might learn a thing or two from how this Liberian woman dealt with her cheating husband 

Titilayo Ilori

A Liberian woman, who is based in the United States of America, explained how she dealt with her cheating Nigerian husband.

According to her, they've been married for eight years and her husband has been cheating on her for so long. But she finally decided to deal with him in a mature way after he travelled to Nigeria to meet his mistresses.

Instead of confronting her husband and accusing him of travelling to meet another woman, she pretended not to know what he was up to and allowed him travel to Nigeria. This gave her enough time to plan her revenge.

She decided to move out of their big home to a two bedroom apartment and put their house up for a rent of $1,275 per month.

The mother of three took all that she had along with all that her three kids will be needing in their new apartment and put the rest in a rented store.

After her husband returned to the USA, he went straight to the house and found out that he could not gain access.

Immediately, he put a call to his wife who told him what she had done and advised him to go stay with a friend or a family and promised to bring the kids to visit him anywhere he is.

There are several signs to look out for in a cheating partner. It is best to confirm first, calm yourself down in order not to take a drastic action, and look for a way to retaliate in a mature way.

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