Buchie Cutie
Buchie Cutie

“Stop calling me a crossdresser,” Controversial Model, Buchi Cutie, Orders Nigerians

Looks like model, Buchi Cutie, has finally had enough of being tagged a crossdresser and wants people to stop addressing him as one

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Nigerian fashion model, Buchi Cutie, has warned the general public to stop tagging him a crossdresser, as it does not represent his personality or what he does.

The controversial figure, who recently got into a dirty social media fight with Nigeria's top male barbie, Bobrisky, stated clearly that although he is a fashion model, he isn’t a crossdresser.

Speaking in a video he shared on Instagram, Buchi who's also an actor and certified linguist said:

"Biko Nigerians, I'm not a crossdresser. I don't wear gowns, I don't wear heels, I dont wear make-up. Talking to you right now, I'm not even putting on powder.

"Please, what's with the labelling and the tags? I don't get it! Why do you people like to just put a label or tag on someone to actually make yourself feel better?

"I'm a model, I do not crossdress. For the past two weeks I've not rested after the whole Bobrisky saga. So please, you people should not call me a crossdresser and I'm no upcoming Barbie. I'm Buchi, a certified linguist and model.

"You don't even know the first thing about me, you just sit in your house and just say what you feel like saying because you actually want to make yourself feel better. You guys like labelling people and it’s very very wrong. Please, I'm not a crossdresser,” he concluded.

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