“Music Is Not For Me” - Waje Contemplates A Break From Her Music Career

Has the talented songstress, Waje, reached the end of her tether with her music career? This YouTube video would certainly make you think so. Watch!

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

On Monday morning, Nigerian artist, Aijuaje Iruobe, popularly known as Waje, announced that she was taking a break from her music career following some recent difficulties.

The songstress uploaded a video, which she titled 'Music is not for me’, on her YouTube channel where she lamented the frustrations her musical career is causing her.

Waje, who recently released an album which has failed to gain the sort of awareness associated with the works of top artists, has now reached a point that she does not feel like music is the way going forward for her.

Speaking to two members of her clique whom she identified as Tolani and Fatima, Waje said:

“I’m frustrated, I am really tired. I no longer believe that this thing is working. I am respected in this thing that we do but there is also bowing out when the applause is loudest.

“I do not have faith in it anymore. Nobody will say that I have failed or anything. The point is that I am not willing to do this thing anymore. Do you know how much I have invested in this career thing?

“There is nothing wrong with change. There are other things I am good at; maybe it is fair to give it a rest and try other things. If you people do not understand, it is my money that I am spending on this thing and I am tired of putting my money in something that I do not have faith in.

“To be honest, I don’t see why I should continue because it is frustrating. The desire of every entrepreneur is to see proceeds from what they invest in and some sort of awareness that they have a product.”

Watch the full video of the raw and vulnerable moment the singer speaks passionately about how the gains from a career she has put so much into have been far below her expectations.

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