3 Important Things To Iron Out Before Marriage
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3 Important Things To Iron Out Before Marriage

Thinking about marriage? Here are the three most important things to consider before getting married

Titilayo Ilori


The importance of being open to your partner cannot be overemphasized. When your partner hears all about your past from you rather than from a third party, things are much easier. That’s why it is important to thrash out some issues before getting married. Some of such issues include:

1. Talking about each other's past

You must tell your partner both the good and nasty things about your past.

Our past has a way of coming back to hunt us, but once your partner knows all about your past, you wouldn’t have to worry.

It is better for both of you to have this talk at the beginning of your relationship, so that you can walk away if you are too uncomfortable with your partner’s past to continue with the relationship. Once this has been settled, don't talk about it again.

2. Discussing your income

Money is important in a relationship. It’s best to let your partner know how much you earn, they wouldn't be expecting too much from you. Sort your financial plan out, before moving to the next level.

3. Expressing your feelings toward each other

When it comes to expressing your feelings to each other, you shouldn't feel shy to do so. You’re in love for a reason, so let your partner know how much they mean to you.

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