God Is A Discriminating Psychopath - Nigerian Writer,  Okemzuruoke

God Is A Discriminating Psychopath - Nigerian Writer, Okemzuruoke

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

A Nigerian writer has ‘dragged’ God on Twitter over some pages of the Bible which she claims shows God was discriminatory and also a psychopath.

Doreen Uloma Nwoke, who is a Nigerian critic and also holds atheism as her worldview took to her Twitter page to express her thoughts about the biblical God.

In a lengthy critical post, Doreen lashed at some of the orders God gave to his people in the old testament while also recounting the lives he took for little or no offenses.

She has since received rebuttals to her claims but she has also given counter-rebuttals that have been cheered by other unbelievers alike.

Here are some of the things Doreen wrote about God that has since gone viral.

One day we’re going to talk about how God was discriminatory to people with disabilities. About how he banned people with eye defects, hunchbacks, crippled limbs, dwarfism, sores, wounded testicles - “disfigured” persons - from coming near his temple or making sacrifices to him.

About how people with eczema, ringworm, disfigured faces, fractured limbs or any defects whatsoever were not allowed near his altar lest they desecrate the sanctuary of God. One day, we’ll talk about this and many more, and it will be hot

God: “If a priest’s daughter defiles herself by becoming a prostitute, she disgraces her father; she must be burned in the fire.


Some Christians in their efforts to try and convince her from holding such a viewpoint about God mentioned that the places she quoted were in the Old Testament of the Bible before Jesus came.

But she wasn't having any of it, instead, she posed more questions about God and the Bible.

So let us settle this once and for all: is the God if the Old Testament the same as that of the New Testament?

If yes, doesn’t that invalidate the claim that God never changes; that he is the same yesterday, today and forever?

If no, isn’t it time we threw the whole Bible away?” a now fiery Doreen asked before attacking those who attacked her for expressing herself.

Believers are free to share their beliefs without fear, but unbelievers cannot express their disbelief without being scared of the dangers or repercussions. Yet another proof that religion is a deliberate disaster class which uses instruments of fear to keep its adherents silent.Religion operates just like capitalism; selling a product by telling you what you want to hear, but never telling you the things you actually need to hear.

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