Abuja nightclub raid
Abuja nightclub raid

Women In Custody Raped By Police In Abuja

Some women in custody have been sexually molested by the Nigerian police in Utako, Abuja.

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Some of the 70 women arrested during a raid on a nightclub in Abuja last weekend have been sexually assaulted by the police, reports say.

According to the reports, the women were detained at a police station in Utako, Abuja, after the raid. An eye witness, Martin Obono, with the Twitter handle @martobono, has taken to social media to vent.

He tweeted, “As I type, 70 girls were arrested and brought to Utako Police station last night. This is in addition to the ones who were arrested on Friday night. Their offense; clubbing and in some instance, prostitution. Some have been assaulted with injuries in their vaginas.”

Reports also suggest that a nursing mother with a two-month-old baby was among the women detained on Saturday. The CRO on duty was said to have denied her the rights to breastfeed her baby, not until a female officer intervened and overruled the decision of the inspector.

During the arrest, the police had asked the women to redeem themselves with the sum of five thousand naira or be raped. They had then proceeded to rape them, using discarded pure water sachets as condoms.

Mohammed Bello, the minister in charge of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and Abuja’s equivalent of a mayor, is believed to be behind the raid of the women accused of prostitution in a nightclub.

While commenting on the clampdown on prostitutes, the Head of Public Complaints, Rapid Response Unit, Abayomi Shogunle, tweeted that prostitution is a crime under the law and a sin under the two main religions of FCT. He is, however, yet to address the inhumane treatment of the women in custody by the police officers.

Yomi Shogunle's reaction
Yomi Shogunle's reactionYomi Shogunle's reaction

An outrage has ensued with hashtags, including #abujapoliceraidonwomen #policebrutality, spreading rapidly on Twitter.

Reaction on the raid
Reaction on the raidReaction on the raid 

“A capital city like Abuja needs to define its rules if it wants to be conservative or liberal,” Mr Obono concluded his thread on Twitter.

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