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Trade Fair Road Users Cry Out To The Government

Trade Fair Road Users Cry Out To The Government

Jayfred Ugo

Trade Fair Road users have called the urgent attention of the government to the increasingly deteriorating roads. While speaking to a correspondent of "Happenings FM", the commuters of Trade Fair road maintained that the road is a major one that connects Lagosians from Oshodi down to Agbara, Mile 2, Iyana-ba and even Alaba international market.

A road user gave us an exclusive interview. He said:

I am Honorable Goodman Vine UmunnaFormer Internal Auditor, National Youth Council of Nigeria (AJIF Chapter). Yesterday, Sunday, June 9, 2019, I left Shibiri by 6:00am heading to Ibeju-Lekki for a function. Immediately we got close to the Trade Fair bridge, we saw over 15 big fat cows trying to make their way and also commuters and drivers trying to navigate through the bad road. I took a motorbike so that I can pass through that place quickly due to the bad road. Within seconds, as my motorbike was approaching where the cows were, the bus in front of us suddenly stopped, the driver started reversing to escape the cows and he didn’t see my motorbike, so he knocked us down. I quickly jumped off the bike before my leg was trapped on the other side. Cut the story short, I paid the driver half of the fare, took another bike and continued my journey. Accidents happen on this road daily because of the poor structure of the road.   

A road user gave an exclusive interview to our correspondent.

He also said that the road contractors have started clearing the stalls built along the express at Agboju and may still clear the first beside the road in sheer hypocrisy for the arrival of the Governor of Lagos, who is scheduled to use that route for a visit.

He added that the government should create alternative routes or another lane for easy passage before they commence construction.

Trade Fair Road Users Cry Out To The Government